Sonya Perkins

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jazz vocalist

"Sonya Perkins is a great artist and she never fails to amaze me with her selections and unique interpretations of the Great American Songbook".
---Joe Regan Jr., Jazz & Cabaret Journalist  


"Ms. Perkins sings for all those romantic loves lost and found, the roads less and often traveled..."
---Karl Stober,  ejazz

"Sonya Perkins brings joy and love of everything she sings to her audience! "
---Trudi Mann, Curator and Producer  

What They're Saying!

​​​​“When listening to Sonya Perkins’ new CD, Dream a Little Dream, a thought comes quickly to mind: You’ve heard these songs before, but never quite like this.…Sonya, a veteran jazz vocalist takes Great American Songbook chestnuts… and molds them in her own image. Perkins digs deep into each song, rethinks the lyrics and melodies in the context of today’s world, and—with the impeccable assistance of her fine accompanists, including pianist/arranger Bob Albanese—bends and shapes them into wholly new listening experiences….That Perkins displays an innate understanding of a great song lyric, and the ability to get to its essence in her delivery, comes as no surprise when one learns that the singer has long led a parallel life as a clinical social worker and therapist.
 - Jeff  Tamarkin, Jazz Journalist

I was taken right away by her distinctive voice.  It is a delicate voice, a soft voice and yet it is full of emotion.  Sonya’s timing, phrasing and choice of material is also to be noticed. If I had to compare her to some of the female singers that came before, I would say the essence of Peggy Lee,… With the release of this new CD, Dream A Little Dream, it is clear that Sonya Perkins is someone to pay attention to.  
- Michael Anthony, WHPC 90.3FM, Long Island, NY

 “Dream A Little Dream, a CD that displays Sonya's unique brand of emotional and swinging storytelling, is a joy that needs to be experienced!”
 - Scott Yanow, Jazz Historian

“Ms. Perkins has an attractive soft whispery voice that is full of subtleties and is quietly expressive. She swings naturally at every tempo and makes each note count. Sonya's phrasing is very much her own and on “Imagination” she reshapes the melody, making it sound contemporary and modern. Bring My Lover Near is an impressive EP that makes one look forward to Sonya Perkins' full CD and to her future recordings.”
 - Scott Yanow, Jazz Journalist

“… listening to Bring My Lover Near, an infectious EP by Sonya Perkins, I am happily anticipating the upcoming release of her full album… She has an appealing voice and her jazz-influenced phrasing brings a special dimension to each selection on the program.”
 - Joe Lang, Jazz Journalist

“Sonya has a fine sense of time and phrasing that makes her readings of these standards worth revisiting to hear her versions.”
- Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

“…JAZZ VOCAL FANS HAVE A WINNER HERE." -Chris Spector, Midwest Record.

"Sonya had another wonderful performance at the Metropolitan Room, NYC,  on April 2, 2016  with a great swing band behind her. Like her May 16, 2015 performance, the Metropolitan Room was packed with singers, musicians, and music lovers...Perkins has one of the purest vocal instruments of jazz singers of today and she embellishes that with an acting performance and unique phrasing, giving life to the lyrics she sings and swings on...her dramatic pauses were emotionally true and, again, her brilliant phrasing was unique and on the nose."

--Joe Regan, Jr., Theater Pizzazz

"Sonya"s Voice, the music, the lyrics are One. Perkins holds the audience in the palm of her hands!"

--Marlon Saunders, singer, composer, arranger

"There was great joy in all her selections and she delivered refreshingly unique interpretations of familiiar lyrics...whichleft this audience wanting more and more..."

--Joe Regan, Jr.  Jazz & Cabaret Journalist

“Just listen for yourself. Listen between the lines. The charm, intelligence, empathy, pathos, gravitas, and blessed humor encapsulate in the swing. Sonya's lilting soulfulness permeates the music.”
 - Bob Albanese, Jazz pianist, Composer, Arranger